Congradulations! Yoshinkan Aikido HANA is now an offical member of the AYF!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us!


SUNDAY, OCT 12, 2014

Check out the new videos that have been added to our sites video archive! Classic Yoshinkan action from Russia!


TEUSDAY, JULY, 29, 2014

On Saturday July 26th our club held a special seminar at NOVA MMA. Thanks to everyone that showed up! The seminar was lead by our two black belts. They put on a few jiyuwaza demonstrations and explained the basics of Yoshinkan aikido including kamae, seiza, seizaho, hirikiyonosei ichi, syumatsudosa ichi and ukemi. Mike and Sean also got into some of the basic techniques, explaining how we use joint locks such as nikkajo and kotegaeshi to subdue and throw opponents. Besides practicing the basic moves the students got to try out some of the joint locks and techniques on one another.
All it all it was a good seminar! 


TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014

Remember the goshin waza that we did a while ago? Well, I finally made it into a movie. You can watch it in our video section. See you all tomorrow!





Don't forget, our Monday lesson has been moved to Tuesday April 29 at 9-30. We will train for 2 hours like always.