Our Location

Fort Myer, Virginia

Yoshinkan Aikido HANA meets regularly for lessons on Fort Myer at the Family Moral Welfare and Recreation Center located at 228 McNair Road, Building 405 Fort Myer, VA 22211. 

Lessons are regularly held in the building's Ballroom.

For driving directions please view this site: http://www.jbmhhmwr.com/getting-here


We recomend that you use the Hatfield Gate on Washington Blvd at South 2nd Street to enter the base. This is JBM-HH’s main gate and is open at all times and anyone can use it. If you use any of the other enterances to the base you may get turned back.

The Recreation center is located on McNair road and is right next to the bowling alley.

Here is a link to the Rec centers web site: http://www.jbmhhmwr.com/community-activity-center


Our dojo, the room we train in, is located in the rec center's spacious Ballroom. The room is huge and we have lots of mats and space for everyone.